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Become a Food Vendor

Exhibitor Information

The Milton Canada Day Committee (MCDC) invites you to apply for exhibit space at our Milton Canada Day Celebration.

NOTE: All our vendor spaces are now full.

We expect approximately 30,000 visitors to join us in the Milton Fairgrounds on July 1st.

The planned events include a variety of family oriented attractions and demonstrations, dedicated kids activity zones, a petting zoo, midway rides, food and craft vendors, live musical entertainment and of course, a fireworks show.

The MCDC mandate is to host a high quality event while maximizing each exhibitor’s sales. Therefore only a limited number of booths are available and duplicate food menus and products are avoided.  A standard booth has a 10 foot frontage with a 10 foot depth.  We can accommodate a limited number of special size concession spaces.

You must provide your own equipment such as tent or canopy, display stands. Tables and chairs can be provided and needs to be filled out on the application form. Please remember that this is an outdoor event and many locations are in full sunlight.  Vendor parking is available close by.  Booth locations are assigned by the Site Convener and his/her decision is final.


  • The MCDC reserves the right to limit the number of exhibitors in any one category and the right to final decision regarding entry into the park.
  • Deadline for return of applications will be May 15.
  • We are requesting payment in full to accompany the application
  • NSF cheques will be subject to a $25.00 service charge.
  • The Canada Day event happens rain or shine.
  • MCDC is not responsible for lost or damaged articles or displays under any circumstances.

All Food Vendors also agree to submit the following important information as part of this application:

  1. Site booth operational diagram including electricity and water needs, etc. Please be as specific as possible including your equipment list and the number of amps you will require to operate your food service equipment.
  2. Specific details on your tent or booth structure including the level of fire ratings for any of the covering materials used.
  3. Number of vehicles in your entourage, including support vehicles, as well as specific parking or logistic requirements.
  4. Food Vendors please include your planned menu along with your price list.
  5. Payment via eTransfer (details on application form).

Booth Dimensions & Fee Schedule:

$200.00 to $400.00 plus hydro/water

A limited number of special size concession spaces may be accommodated at special rates.  Please call for a quote.

Set up Time

June 30th 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

July 1st 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Hours of Operation

Food Vendors - July 1st   11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Booth Placement Priority

Booth placement is entirely up to the discretion of the Site Convener.

Booth Construction

Each vendor will set up, maintain, market, operate, take down and remove their own food booth from the space provided to them.

Size of Space

Space is measured and assigned to you by the MCDC Site Convener.

Health Guidelines

Food Vendors must register either in person, or by phone or fax, with the appointed Regional Municipality of Halton Health Department representative at 1151 Bronte Road Oakville, at least FOUR Weeks prior to the event and receive their Food Handling Health Manual. A Regional Municipality of Halton Health Department representative can be reached by phone at 1-866-442-5866.  Each food vendor must provide their own hand washing stations for food service personnel according to their guidelines at the Festival site. You will be inspected during the event by the Health Department to make sure you are selling only healthy, safe and clean food and it is your sole responsibility to meet all of their food preparation and cooking requirements of cleanliness. The MCDC accepts no liability for your rejection from the park by the Health department after their inspection for any reason whatsoever.

Fire Regulations Regarding Use of Cooking Equipment

Food vendors must be aware of the Milton Fire Department rules regarding the operation of a food service facility in the fairgrounds, especially in regard to the use of any propane or other cooking equipment. If, for any reason, they reject a food vendor from operating for failure to comply, it will be solely the responsibility of that food vendor, and there will be no rebate on their rental fee or legal recourse against the MCDC, as a result of their cancellation by the Fire inspector or any other regulatory agency.

General Fire Regulations for ALL Participants at the Festival

Tents larger than 20 X 20 must be fire proof and meet local fire department rules and regulations. It is the sole responsibility of each exhibitor to know and obtain all necessary permits.  There is no refund of your rental fee for your failure to comply with local fire regulations.

Size of Tents

Tents larger than 20 X 20 will require a building permit from the Town of Milton Building Department which is the responsibility of each individual exhibitor to obtain.


You are financially responsible for breaking any hydro or underground water lines as a result of driving stakes or spikes into the park grounds to install your tent or booth.


Electrical outlets and electricity needs must be submitted with this application for prior approval on your booth diagram.

Waste Water

Food vendors must have waste water holding tanks and are not permitted to empty or drain the tanks on the grounds.

Liability Insurance

All vendors will be required to carry proof of their own individual liability insurance (minimum of $2 million) and must provide a Certificate of Insurance naming The Halton Agricultural Society and the Milton Canada Day Committee as additional insured.


Overnight security will be provided on June 30th only.

Tear Down and Removal

Tear down and removal of your booth from the park is to be done immediately after the end of the event on July 1st.    Due to driving restrictions in the park during the day, exhibitors will not be permitted to drive vehicles to/from their concession space.


Exhibitors are financially responsible for any damages they cause to park property during the setup, operation, teardown and removal of their booth and will be notified of such damages by the MCDC after final site inspection. The repair of the damages will be done by the MCDC. The MCDC will bill the offending exhibitor accordingly. Exhibitors and/or Food Vendors agree to pay such bills immediately to avoid any further legal charges.

Garbage Clean up, removal and disposal

All vendors are responsible to manage and clean their site of all garbage throughout the festival according to the Halton Regional Health Department Rules.   All vendors are encouraged to minimize waste by avoiding the use of unnecessary packaging and to use environmentally friendly products including recyclable serving dishes, cutlery and drink cups.  All vendors are expected to separate their own recyclable garbage from non recyclable waste and make use of our recyclable facilities in the park.

Driving in the Park

Driving in the park for setup, operation, take down and removal of your booth may be no faster than 5 mph. and only 30 min. prior to event start.  Any vendor who breaks this rule may have their booth space canceled without notice and their fee forfeited as liquidated damages to the MCDC. Pedestrian safety is our highest priority.

Parking Rules

Your vehicles can only be parked in the designated area provided by the MCDC to you. Vehicles illegally parked in the park during the event will be ticketed and towed at the expense and liability of the registered owner. Be warned that the parking regulations will be strictly enforced by the Halton Regional Police and the MCDC accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any tickets received by any exhibitor during the Fair.

Rain or Shine

The Canada Day events will take place rain or shine unless inclement weather puts either our volunteers or participants at risk or harm.  There are no refunds for use of space as a result of inclement weather.


Each exhibitor indemnifies the MCDC, its management team, volunteers and the Halton Agricultural Society from any litigation resulting from any loss or damage that they may incur as a result of their being accepted and operating a booth on Canada Day for any reason.

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